Trincomalee & Arugam-Bay

Trincomalee is located on the beautiful east coast of Sri Lanka and it is the perfect place for sun-seekers, thrill seekers, and those hoping to relax. From ancient temples and forts to breathtaking beaches, coves, and a maritime museum, Trincomalee has lots to offer to discerning travelers.

One of the best and first sites to be visited in Trincomalee is Koneswaram Temple located at a top of a cliff inside Fort Fedrick. This is an important Hindu pilgrimage site displaying Dravidian architectural style and is believed to be one of the Pancha Ishwarams with Swayambhu Lingam. As mentioned, Fort Fedrick is an important historical landmark with an imposing entrance that is a must-do for history and nature enthusiasts when you visit Trincomalee. Built by the Portuguese, this is partly under military occupation and also houses a famous Buddhist vihara and sacred Hindu Temple. Pigeon island is one of those pictures–perfect places that everyone talks about. It is a famous snorkel spot on the east coast. This island is also home to hundreds of coral and fish species. Along with the rich underwater life, visitors also get to watch flocks of rock pigeons out of the rocks on the island. Pathirakali Amman Temple is a spectacular gopuram Kali Temple with its vibrant colors and myriad sculptures your eye from distance, while the unique interiors will leave you spellbound. Another place is Velgam Vehera, an ancient Buddhist site with a modern-day monastery that is just perfect for spending a couple of quiet hours.

Nilaveli beach, often regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka is also in Trincomalee. This is a stretch of beach which is situated approximately 16 kilometers North of Trincomalee. Uppuweli is another beachside in Trincomalee that has powdery white sand, clear emerald water, and a lovely beach vibe with restaurants offering delicious Sri Lankan cuisine. This is a perfect place for water sports, relaxing, and just enjoying the sun. in the center of Trincomalee is the attractive Butch Bay Beach with clean golden sand and turquoise water spread across several kilometers. As local fishing boats onshore wait to go into the sea, you can go jogging, stroll the beach, ravish the tropics with ice cream or seafood from vendors, or cool off with a better swim. Marble beach is one of the most amazing beaches in Trincomalee. The white sand is said to be one of the cleanest beaches, and also a great place for solo travel. Located just a bit outside of Trincomalee, Arisimale beach an another most visited beach in the locality. Surrounded by greenery and mountains, although small, the beach is a beautiful gateway. Another beachside is the lovely Arugam bay, a moon-shaped curl of soft sand regarded as one of the best surf spots in the country. It is a tiny place with a population of a few hundred and everything is dotted along a single road which is located parallel to the coast. The Kanniya hot springs are on the east coast of Sri Lanka in Trincomalee and include a series of seven square-shaped wells each with a depth of about 4 feet. The temperature of this water at these hot springs varies between wells, but the average temperature is warm to hot.

Maritime and Naval History Museum is an informative museum that offers important insights into Sri Lankan maritime history. Amongst the most interesting places to visit in Trincomalee, the ground floor takes you through the country’s naval history dating back to Marco Polo’s time. Trincomalee war cemetery is a quite solemn place where the final resting place of the British and local soldiers who laid down their lives during the second world war. Diamond hill is a reminder of the second world war, with remnants of a signal tower and a bunker offering a window into life at the harbor at that time. Hikers of this hill can enjoy the climb up, with only rocks and trees for support.

Another special thing to mention is Trincomalee is a great spot for not only marvelous beaches but for spotting whales and the diverse marine life the Indian ocean offers. This season is from May to October, and July is the best time. Tourists can have a super experience of spotting sperm whales in the ocean here. Diving and swimming with whales is also an option if tourists can find a guide to accompany them.